To setup Partytown in an Angular project take the following steps.


Run the command below to install the dependencies

npm install # or yarn add

Add the path to the Partytown JS files into the assets array in your angular.json file

"projects": {
    "{project-name}": {
        "architect": {
            "build": {
                "options": {
                    "assets": [...,
                        "glob": "**/*",
                        "input": "node_modules/",
                        "output": "/~partytown"

Script Setup

The snippet below shows you how to setup Partytown scripts in your index.html file. The first script tag takes the Partytown configuration. The second script tag references the Partytown JS file and the third file takes the third-party scripts to be loaded on the web-worker.

  /* Partytown config properties */  
    partytown = {

  /* Inlined Partytown Snippet  */    
  <script src="/~partytown/debug/partytown.js"></script>

  <script type="text/partytown">
    /* Third-Party Script goes here */ 
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