Facebook Pixel

Add the Pixel Script

Partytown Script

Set the script element’s type attribute to text/partytown. For example:

<script type="text/partytown">
  // insert pixel script here

Proxy Requests

The connect.facebook.net response does not provide the correct CORS header, and a reverse proxy should be used. Below is an example of setting the resolveUrl config to proxy the connect.facebook.net requests. Please see Proxying Requests for more information.

Forward Events

Facebook Pixel uses the fbq() function to send events. In order for Partytown to forward the calls to window.fbq({..}), the forward config should add "fbq". Please see forwarding events and triggers for more information.

Example Config

// https://partytown.builder.io/configuration
  resolveUrl: function(url) {
    if (url.hostname === "connect.facebook.net") {
      var proxyUrl = new URL('https://my-reverse-proxy.com/');
      proxyUrl.searchParams.append('url', url.href);
      return proxyUrl;
    return url;
  forward: [

Please see the integration docs for framework specific configuration.

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