The Partytown NPM package already comes with a React component, which is a thin wrapper to the Partytown snippet. This React component should be usable from most React/Preact projects.


npm install


The <Partytown/> component is imported from the submodule. The config properties are JSX props.

Below is an example of setting the debug config to true, and forward config for Google Tag Manager.

import { Partytown } from '';

export function Head() {
  return (
      <Partytown debug={true} forward={['dataLayer.push']} />

Partytown Script

Add the type="text/partytown" prop for each script that should run from a web worker. The example below is using the React specific way of inlining a script with dangerouslySetInnerHTML.

    __html: '/* Inlined Third-Party Script */',

Copy Library Files

Copy library files to public/~partytown. How the files are copied or served from your site is up to each site’s setup. A partytown copylib CLI copy task has been provided for convenience which helps copy the Partytown library files to the public directory. Below is an example of creating a “partytown” NPM script which could run before the build:

"scripts": {
  "partytown": "partytown copylib public/~partytown"
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